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Milan is the second most populated city in Italy, home to Leonardo’s famous painting “The Last Supper”. The Duomo is another popular tourist attraction in Milan and definitely worth taking the elevator to the top of the cathedral roof where you can walk around among the impressive spires and get very close to the Madoninna. Alongside the art and architecture Milan is famous for its Quadrilatero d’Oro where you will find all the exclusive high end fashion boutiques.

Bergamo is located in the Lombardia region of Northern Italy. It is split into two districts, the upper town and the lower town. If you take the funicular railway to the upper town you will arrive at the Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, where you will truly feel like you have stepped back in time as most of the architecture dates back to the 12th century. In contrast the lower town is a vibrant city with an array of high end shops, bars and restaurants alongside art galleries and museums.


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